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We would love to give you some free advice on ways you can maintain your own lawn or help through the cold winter months, here are a few to get you started. Check out our Facebook page for weekly/monthly updates.

  • Never remove more than one third of the grass length on any one occasion.

  • If your mower has four wheels you MUST overlap each run so that the wheels do not go in the same place all the time. Repeated grass cutting in the same track will produce ruts and tramlines!

  • Sharpen your mower blades at least once a year. Dull mower blades tear-off rather than cut grass blades. The torn leaves give the lawn a whitish caste and may leave it more vulnerable to disease problems

  • Is your lawn thin and patchy?, Simply cut and bag one week and mulch the following week. Continue alternating until your grass has become fuller. 

  • Want an at home safe product to kill weeds?, Simply mix 4 litres vinegar, 2 tbsp. salt and 1 tbsp. dish soap in a spray bottle. Be sure to spray directly onthe weed as it will kill grass.

  • For those icy walks, if you would like to use salt we have found the best brand is Safe T-Salt, its cheap and the most effective. Use sparingly and let sit for 24 hours, use a scraper for an easier way to breakup the ice.

  • Microwaving sand in a microwave-safe container and spreading it while it is still warm can make it more effective. It will embed itself in to the ice, creating a gritty top layer.

  • Stay away from walls: Snow piles can be just as bad for structure walls. Pressure can make the surface bend or crack, causing damage and leaks. Make sure to pile snow in an open area.